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Meeting Technology

We use a variety of technologies to support meetings which we recommend participants are familiar with to get the most from the meetings.

Zulip group chat

A guide to the official messaging platform for the IETF. Group chat is an important tool used during IETF meetings for real-time discussion and questions, as well as outside of meeting sessions by various groups.


The IETF community uses Internet-based meeting conferencing platforms for IETF Meetings and interim working group meetings.


Meetecho guide for chairs: Information and actions for chairs of sessions using Meetecho conferencing.

Meetecho guide for participants: Information and actions for participants to review in advance of joining and IETF meeting using Meetecho.

IETF Meetecho documentation: details about using Meetecho as a session chair or participant.


Hosting a Webex Meeting (quick guide)

How to | Webex Meetings (videos)

Online Gather community space

The IETF has a persistent online meeting space and we encourage the IETF Community to use this space to socialize or meet informally.